Injection molded bike frames

V Frames, Leichbau-Zentrum Sachsen (LZS) and LEHVOSS Group

V Frames, Leichbau-Zentrum Sachsen (LZS) and LEHVOSS Group establish partnership-based simulation & material R&D cooperation for injection-moulded carbon composite bike components 

After establishing a successful cooperation for new high-performance materials for V Frames with LEHVOSS Group, V Frames signed an exclusivity agreement with LZS for all mechanical and impact simulations for the group. In the new cooperation, the three partner companies plan to streamline
material development, product development, fluid-injection moulding simulations by V Frames and mechanical/ impact simulations and testing.

Michael Müller, managing director of V Frames: “I am absolutely thrilled by this new cooperation. After 7 years trying to simulate complex products such as bike frames with various partners, we are proud to have LZS as exclusive partner in the boat, the last missing piece in our puzzle. Mistakes or unprecise simulations in the past resulted in product failure. This is critical when you have fixed OEM production timelines and moulds, that cost several hundred thousand Euros, produced, but unable to start mass production, thus requiring extensive reworks and costs that can easily double the initial investment cost. V Frames therefore focused in the last years to build up the fluid-simulations in-house, such using the same specialists to feed the software with the exact production parameters that will be used for running the machines later- with excellent improvement in simulation results.

LZS delivered outstanding performance in the last major OEM projects that V Frames awarded to them. Our customers are absolutely satisfied with their work, so we decided to integrate LZS in our development family.

The partnership cooperation between V Frames, LZS and LEHVOSS Group will lead us to completely new high-end materials, such as bio-based long carbon fibre granules and will continuously improve the simulation & testing results in a closed-loop feedback circuit. We have already tested this
collaboration by involving several OEMs directly in the development session – with excellent feedback.

We will be sure, after implementing the first successful bike frames for our OEMs Ebike Advanced, Buddy Electric, Affenzahn in the market in the last years, that this cooperation will bring us to the next performance leap for our technology. Our simulations are becoming more and more accurate, material data will be modified according to actual product feedback, and we have a system in place to quickly develop and test completely new materials. This leads us closer to our goal to develop for each product the perfectly fitting raw material.

Karsten Wippler, managing director of LZS: “We approached V Frames two years ago, as we think LZS with 30 simulation engineers, devoted to design, simulation and testing, provides the perfect match for V Frames cutting-edge technology. Since then, we concluded several projects with 4 OEMs together with V Frames and are looking forward to the now exclusive cooperation.”

The new cooperation is effective immediately. All latest R&D, simulation and material knowhow is immediately available to all of V Frames customers.