Fatigue testing

LZS GmbH offers you the possibility to characterise the long-term behaviour of your materials (plastics, composite materials, metals or joints (bonds, rivets) under cyclic load. In addition, we can also test parts and components with operating load collectives in our Test Laboratory.

Our services

  • Creation of Wöhler (S-N) lines
  • Fatigue tests under pulsating or alternating load for service life tests
  • Lifetime estimation and fatigue strength
  • High cycle fatigue (HCF) and low cycle fatigue (LCF)
  • Load spectra can be freely selected
  • Endurance tests on components to determine operational stability
  • Tests with superimposed loads
  • Cyclic tests with simultaneous temperature control (-40 °C to 900 °C)
  • Dynamic speed test on rotors


Cyclic bending test

Cyclic bending test

The LZS test team is always available for inquiries and individual consultation.

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