Technology and product consultancy

Our cross-sector activities throughout the field of lightweight engineering give us a unique overview of the sector in terms of new materials, designs, manufacturing technologies and products. This enables us to identify market trends at an early stage and determine which technologies and products have the best chance of establishing themselves on the market in the short and long term.

Are you looking to use lightweight technologies to adapt, expand or supplement your current range of products and services? If so, take advantage of our market insights and unbiased, independent advice. By working together we can develop a strategy which will allow you to achieve your goals quickly and with a minimum of risk.

Our service portfolio

  • Classification of your existing portfolio of products and services according to the national and international market environment
  • Joint development of a strategy for the reorganization, expansion or supplementation of your current portfolio
  • Unbiased, independent assessment of the cost and risk of new technologies
  • Identification of potential subsidies and strategic research partners
  • Patent research, drawing-up of patent documents

Contact person:
Dipl.-Ing. Kai Steinbach

+49 351 446960-10