Students & Graduates

Looking for a lightweight engineering graduate with a specific skill set for your company? Or do you need an intern with sound knowledge of lightweight technologies? We’re here to help! Every year at least 80 students graduate from TU Dresden with a Diplom or master’s degree in the field of lightweight engineering, and in many cases we have known them for a number of years as a result of them having written academic work under our supervision or joined us as student trainees. This puts us in an excellent position to gauge their strengths and weaknesses. We value you as a customer, and it would therefore be our pleasure to put you in touch with suitable candidates who fit your requirements and expectations. This minimizes both your investment in recruitment and the risk of backing the wrong candidate.

How we help our valued customers

  • Joint definition of an employee profile according to your specific requirements
  • Screening and selection of potential candidates from the pool of lightweight engineering students and graduates at TU Dresden
Dipl.-Ing. Ole Renner

Contact person

Dipl.-Ing. Kai Steinbach

+49 351 463 38744