Sandwich structures

Sandwich structures are ideally suited to the achievement of high levels of flexural stiffness in combination with minimum material input. The use of fibre composite materials in particular makes it possible to produce especially lightweight components. Having been restricted to aeronautical components and high-end sporting equipment for many years, the areas in which such fibre composite sandwich structures are now used is expanding as a result of new, more efficient manufacturing techniques. Sandwich structures produced using thermoplastic materials are especially low-cost and therefore suitable for large-scale production. Thanks to its cooperation with the ILK, LZS has access to all technologies required for the production of in some cases highly complex sandwich components.

Our service portfolio

  • Studies into the technical and commercial potential of sandwich structures as part of your component or assembly
  • Selection of suitable surface and core materials
  • Comprehensive sandwich structure design services – from preliminary designs to detailed crash simulations
  • Characterization of all relevant material parameters (including as a function of temperature and expansion rate where required)
  • Manufacturing of demonstrators and prototypes using all relevant techniques
  • Static, cyclical and highly dynamic component testing

Fibre composite floor panel for Airbus A350XWB

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Examples of components

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