Sustainability and regional provenance are a particularly high priority in the field of lightweight engineering. For a number of years now, we have therefore been working closely with TU Dresden on the development of high-performance, cost-efficient, bio-based material systems produced from regionally available raw materials. Our focus on cellulose-based systems enables us to avoid competing for raw materials with the food production industry. Intensive interdisciplinary research has already put us in a position to use industrial-scale processes – for example injection moulding or pressing – to transform high-performance natural fibre composites with consistent material properties into complex biocomposite structures.

Whether your application is of a structural, technical or design-focused nature, the bio-based material systems developed by us in cooperation with TU Dresden are available for integration into your industrial products!

Our service portfolio

  • Material and process development in the field of biocomposites
  • Material characterization
  • Material-specific product development and design
  • Simulation of biocomposite structures and processes
  • Prototype manufacturing and testing
  • Small-series production
  • Technology transfer / industrialization

Bio-based material construction kit


Cellulose-based matrix


Short-fibre reinforcement




Long-fibre reinforcement


Textile reinforcement


Bio-based organosheets

The myriad of potential combinations yielded by the specially selected, inter-compatible materials in the bio-based material construction kit facilitates targeted material design, and with it the efficient development of complex load-bearing structures. High-quality long fibres or textile preforms are only used where absolutely necessary.
The materials’ thermoplastic properties when used in combination with refined versions of standard processes such as thermoforming or injection moulding guarantee cost-efficient material processing, which in turn facilitates the production of complex load-bearing structures from bio-based materials at minimal cycle times.


Thermoformed sandwich structures


Back-injected bio-based organosheet

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