Hydraulic components

Their compact design and high performance density makes hydraulic drive units predestined for use in mobile systems such as aircraft, construction machinery and motor vehicles. Applications of this type see the mass of hydraulic components play a crucial role in the performance of the overall system due to the fact that fundamental parameters such as payload capacity and range are directly dependent on it. The development of innovative lightweight designs for hydraulic system components is therefore becoming increasingly important – not least because it facilitates improvements in primary product characteristics which in turn yield decisive competitive advantages.

The spectrum of lightweight hydraulic components developed at Dresden’s Lightweight Engineering Campus ranges from hydraulic pipes and valve manifolds to accumulators and cylinders. When developing lightweight hydraulic components LZS is able to draw on the extensive experience of the Institute of Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology (ILK) of TU Dresden, which has placed significant focus on this field since its foundation in 1994.

Our service portfolio

  • Rapid analyses of feasibility and potential, for example in the form of comparisons between fibre composites and conventional metal hydraulic components
  • Selection and testing of tribologically suitable material pairs
  • Detailed computer-aided design of hydraulic components with the aid of fibre composite-specific material models and failure criteria
  • Development of hydraulic components and manufacturing of prototypes using industrial-scale processes and equipment (current pressure range:
    < 400 bar)
  • Static and cyclical testing of hydraulic components, in some cases in cooperation with external partners
  • Computer tomography (max. component length: 2 m)

Innovative lightweight hydraulic cylinder (fibre composite/metal)

Max. operating pressure: 207 bar; internal diameter: 85 mm

This lightweight hydraulic cylinder for the activation of a passenger aircraft’s nose landing gear was developed, realized and successfully tested at the Lightweight Engineering Campus in Dresden. A mass reduction of around 30 % was achieved when compared with the reference actuator.

Lightweight metal hydraulic valve manifold

Max. operating pressure: 315 bar; dimensions: approx. 150 mm x 130 mm x 110 mm

Working in close cooperation with industrial partners, this lightweight metal valve manifold was developed at the Lightweight Engineering Campus in Dresden for the purpose of integration into a hydraulic hybrid drive unit. It is over 50 % lighter in weight than the reference manifold (a conventional metal monoblock manifold).

Contact person:
Dipl.-Ing. Kai Steinbach

+49 351 446960-10