Functional integration

From control elements, measuring systems, sensors, displays and actuators to functional interfaces, we are here to assist you in the functionalization of your fibre composite structures. Add intelligence to your components, and in turn create added value that will differentiate your products from those of your competitors.
Their multi-layered structures make fibre composite materials suitable for the integration of electronic parts such as sensors and actuators. These elements are incorporated into the fibre composite structure during the manufacturing of the component itself and remain within it for the duration of its lifespan under the protection of the exterior laminate layers. The spectrum of potential applications ranges from simple electronic component labelling, strain gauges and integrated control elements to complex vibration measurement systems with active vibration damping functionality. The information generated by such control elements can be transmitted out of the structure on a wireless basis, for example using a transponder.
Non-electronic systems such as special strain gauge fibres can also be integrated, for example in order to facilitate the wide-area, high-resolution measurement of deformation behaviour in fibre composite structures.
Our specialist expertise centres on the selection, design, dimensioning and in some cases manufacturing of functional parts as well as the integration thereof into the process and appropriate testing. Parts are incorporated in a way which ensures minimal interference with the load-bearing behaviour of the fibre composite structure.

Our service portfolio

  • Development of fibre composite structures with integrated functions (e.g. control elements, measuring systems, sensors, displays and actuators)
  • Design and selection of optical and electronic components suitable for the functionalization of your fibre composite structure
  • Manufacturing of sensors and actuators, some of which feature matrix-specific cover films in order to prevent flaws in the fibre composite
  • Manufacturing and testing of prototypes using industrial-scale processes

Functionalisation of fibre composite structures

Functionalisation by magnetic characteristics

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