Structural simulation & analysis

Structural simulation is at the heart of modern lightweight engineering. Our component design philosophy is characterized by the tailoring of materials to component loading scenarios, the optimum exploitation of specific material properties and full consideration of economic and manufacturing-related aspects.

Component development is generally an iterative process and necessitates a comprehensive understanding of not only the load-bearing capacity and failure behaviour of the materials used, but also extensive know-how in the various disciplines of structural mechanics.

Structural analysis and material modelling at LZS

In the case of modern composite materials used in structures exposed to complex loading scenarios in particular, it is only with the aid of simulation that a sufficient understanding of structural behaviour can be gained and used as a basis for the development of an effective, efficient design strategy.

On the one hand, the application of the multi-scale modelling concept developed at TU Dresden enables LZS to minimize the computational effort invested in the design process by only drilling down to the level of detail actually required in order to solve the problem at hand. On the other, it makes it possible to increase the amount of simulation-generated material loading data by analyzing the material architecture at a higher resolution.

Our areas of expertise

Structural calculations

  • Component development with the aid of simulative preliminary or detailed designs
  • Comparisons between various options
  • Parameter optimization

Material modelling

  • Determination of material properties using virtual testing
  • Material card calibration
  • Development of user-defined material models

Strength assessments

  • Development / refinement of verification concepts
  • Verification management in accordance with valid norms

Method development

  • Development of analytical and design-related tools for specific classes of problems

Reduction of test effort by Virtual Testing

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Strength analysis of CFRP components

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Hybrid fan outlet guide vane for aircraft engine

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Contact person:
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