The winding technique is already an established means of manufacturing tanks and drive shafts. Recent process adaptations have made it possible to increase the number of fibres and therefore further decrease processing times. Online soaking in combination with resin mixing systems has now asserted itself alongside so-called “dry winding” followed by infiltration. The use of modern technologies such as the winding of bindered fibres or pre-impregnated fibre tapes significantly expands the potential spectrum of component complexity.

Our service portfolio

  • Production-oriented concept analysis
  • Development of load application systems tailored to specific fibre composites
  • Production-oriented FE simulation, including the unit cell simulation of winded laminates for the purpose of material-mechanical structural assessment
  • Implementation of wet winding and winding + infiltration processes
  • Simulation-assisted process design
  • Manufacturing of prototypes and small-series components
  • Guidance on the manufacturing of complex components
  • Technology transfer / industrialization
  • Customised winding pins (

Winded drive shafts developed by LZS

LZS has a wealth of experience in the field of winded drive shafts. This includes high-performance aircraft engine shafts (left-hand photo) and universal shafts for rail applications (right-hand photo). The overall system is always our main point of reference, with the intelligent selection of a suitable load application system time and again proving to be the key to success.

Contact person:
Dr.-Ing. Andreas Gruhl

+49 351 446960-14