Development philosophy

Our development activities are founded on a combination of methodical conceptualization and comprehensive component and system know-how gained with the aid of both experimental and virtual testing. Experience acquired within the framework of countless development projects has shown that the prototype and validation phase can be accompanied by substantial costs. We therefore conduct the majority of tests virtually, thus minimizing the amount of prototypes and experimental testing required.

Thanks to our excellent network of experts, we are also in a position, in addition to our core competencies, to successfully deal with interdisciplinary topics across lightweight construction for our customers, e.g. in the fields of medical technology and electromobility.

Time and cost savings delivered by new development strategy

A thorough conceptualization phase combined with simplified experimental and virtual testing leads to significant time and cost savings during the prototype phase. Our multi-scale approach sees us use simple tests to gain a comprehensive understanding of both components and the systems they make up. The benefits of this strategy become particularly clear in the case of large, complex structures for which a single test can often take weeks or months.

Corporate philosophy


We develop integrated lightweight engineering solutions that are driven by the requirements which characterize the markets in which our customers operate. In particular, we see it as vitally important that every solution can be taken to the market straight away. We ensure marketability by working closely with our customers on the definition of specifications and framework conditions, which in turn form the basis for the development of an optimum solution.

Added value through integrated approach

Our integrated, tailored, optimized solutions take the application, individual components and the wider system into account. The added values for the customer are systems which combine significantly higher performance with enhanced cost efficiency.


We work quickly and with the utmost precision and quality awareness. This means that we fulfil customer requests in a professional manner and within the shortest possible timeframe. Our superior system solutions therefore enable our customers to rapidly differentiate themselves from their competitors.