Lightweight technologies and prototype manufacturing

The unique range of machines and equipment at its disposal enables LZS to manufacture prototypes under production-realistic conditions using almost all conventional industrial manufacturing processes. This facilitates the testing of manufacturing and assembly concepts as well as the validation of simulation results.
Working jointly with you the customer, we continuously refine existing manufacturing technologies and combine them to form entirely new process chains. Our contribution will not only enable you to produce composite components faster and more cost-efficiently than your competitors, but also provide you with the building blocks for the creation of a commercially feasible foundation for specific fibre composite components.
Our blend of comprehensive experience across a broad spectrum of technologies and excellent access to various commercial and industrial sectors puts us in a position to identify market trends and select the right manufacturing process for your products.
LZS has also developed a number of novel process technologies in cooperation with the ILK, the most notable examples being braiding pultrusion with thermoplastic tapes, resin powder moulding (RPM) and thermoset sheet forming (TSF).

Our service portfolio

Additively manufactured winding pins for fiber winding

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Dipl.-Ing. Kai Steinbach

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