Manufacturing highlights

The broad spectrum of cutting-edge technology at our disposal – including equipment made available to us as part of our close cooperation with the Institute of Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology (ILK) of Technische Universität Dresden – enables us to mirror and refine all processes which play a part in the manufacturing of fibre composite structures. In addition to the production of samples for purposes such as material characterization, our services also extend to the manufacturing of complex component prototypes. Manufacturing generally occurs with the aid of systems which realistically mirror industrial production scenarios and can be expanded to include tailored robotic and handling technology. This allows us to achieve levels of automation all the way up to fully automated manufacturing. The benefit to our customers is that new manufacturing processes can be fully validated prior to further steps such as investment in in-house manufacturing systems.

Selected highlights from the manufacturing equipment available at our partner ILK

Preforming equipment

  • Radial and axial braiding machine
  • 5-axis winding machine
  • CNC cutting machine

Manufacturing equipment for fibre composites with thermosetting matrices

  • High-pressure RTM system for epoxy and PUR resins, corresponding presses
  • Winding machine for wet winding
  • Long fibre injection equipment
  • PUR spraying system
  • Autoclave equipment
  • Low-pressure RTM systems and VARI equipment

Manufacturing equipment for fibre composites with thermoplastic matrices

  • Rapid-action hydraulic press (3,000 t) and various laboratory-scale presses
  • Injection-moulding machines (< 2,300 t)
  • Compounders and extruders
  • 3D-printing equipment

Special manufacturing equipment

  • CMC and MMC manufacturing equipment
  • Fibre coating and desizing system
  • Systems for the production of piezoceramic modules and the integration of electronic components into fibre composite materials
  • Surface treatment and preparation techniques


Radial braiding machine


3000 t rapid-action hydraulic press


2,300 t, 2K injection moulding machine with swivel-platen


High-pressure RTM system


RTM equipment for the manufacturing of prototypes and test components