The use of hydrogen as an energy carrier is an ecologically sensible way to meet the goals of global environmental protection and resource conservation.

Even if the current production costs of hydrogen make it economically challenging to use, a forced development of all components of hydrogen technology necessary for production, transport, storage and energetic conversion is necessary. In cooperation with IMA Materialforschung und Anwendungstechnik GmbH, we are facing up to the new challenges and offering complex development services including the comprehensive provision of material properties, prototype design, testing of hydrogen storage systems under the most realistic possible operating conditions, and support through to approval.

In the Webseminar Wednesday of the Composites United e.V. (CU) on April 14, 2021, Prof. Jens Ridzewski (Business Development & Senior Principal Engineer, IMA GmbH) and Kai Steinbach (Head of Engineering, LZS GmbH) presented the joint procedure for the development of composite hydrogen storage systems from the idea to approval to the more than 130 participants.

If you would like to know which tank design is appropriate for your application, which materials and manufacturing technologies are available, or how we prove the qualification of tank systems, we invite you to view the recording of the seminar on the CU YouTube channel. Unfortunately, the recording is only available in a German-language version – but you are always welcome to contact Mr. Kai Steinbach directly if you have any questions about the development of hydrogen storage technologies (

Recording of the CU webinar „Composites hydrogen storage – from idea to approval“

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