LZS GmbH is based in Dresden, a city with a rich history of industry and research. Our premises are located alongside those of TU Dresden’s Institute of Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology (ILK) on the Lightweight Engineering Campus, where over 300 engineers and technicians tackle research and development topics in the field of lightweight engineering. The Lightweight Engineering Campus is within walking distance of Dresden’s historic city centre and around 4 km from TU Dresden’s main campus.

Our central location at the heart of Europe puts us in an ideal position to work with partners in the traditional industrial nations of Western Europe, emerging Eastern European countries and Scandinavia alike.

Lightweight Engineering Campus

Lightweight Engineering Campus

The Lightweight Engineering Campus: In addition to an office complex, it also comprises three buildings equipped with an extensive range of specialist manufacturing and testing facilities:

  • The Lightweight Innovation Centre (LIZ) – Numerous machines used for static, dynamic and highly dynamic material and component testing
  • Polymer Application Centre (KAZ) – State-of-the-art preform and infusion technology
  • Process Development Centre (PEZ) – Demonstration and refinement of fully automated processes integrated into the prototypical manufacturing of fibre-composite structures at series-compatible cycle times

The range of machines and systems available at the Lightweight Engineering Campus is unique within Germany and throughout Europe. All technologies required for the manufacturing of fibre-composite structures can be demonstrated using industrial or near-industrial processes.