In their developments in the field of fibre reinforced plastic (FRP), the engineers at LZS GmbH follow the principle of selecting the most suitable joining technology for each application. Depending on the specific component demands, different connection types can be used. In addition to adhesive bonding and press fit joints, an alternative is a form-fit profiled connection, which turns out to be advantageous in many cases.

The profiled connection presented in the paper was developed in hybrid design, were a metallic load introduction element is connected to the FRP base profile.

You can access the information about profiled connections in the technical journal konstruktionspraxis issue 02/2020 or online under „How to connect FRP components correctly“. (Only available as German version.)

Both the inner contour and the outer circular-cylindrical layer contain a continuous fibre reinforcement, which is largely aligned in ±45° for torsion load transmission.