Feasibility studies on material and technology potential

Do you have an idea or existing product that requires analysis in terms of its lightweight potential? We will identify how much weight can be saved, the cost of the materials and equipment involved, the time consumed by the manufacturing process and the level of economic and technological risk you need to factor-in.

Our service portfolio

  • Development of solutions to technical challenges in the field of lightweight engineering
  • Estimation of product weight
  • Preliminary selection of suitable manufacturing processes
  • Preliminary selection of suitable materials
  • Estimation of material input and process costs
  • Assessments of economic and technological risk

Hybrid lever for packaging machines

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Example: Pressure tank

In this example our preliminary study showed the total cost of a CFRP pressure tank to be lower than that of a GFRP alternative – even though the price of the fibres was five times higher. The savings were achieved as a result of the lower amount of machine and personnel time invested, which was in turn attributable to the significantly thinner tank wall thickness required in the case of the CRFP option. The target weight was also kept to, with the CFRP tank weighing only around half as much as the GFRP version.

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